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What is PokéMesh?
PokéMesh is an Android app that improves your Pokemon GO experience by displaying all the Pokemon, Pokestop and Gyms available around you or in the selected area. You can filter out the Pokemon you’re not interested about from the Pokedex, run the app in background with the Relax mode (push notifications), and even use the overlay feauture that let you scan Pokemons quickly and at any time!

How do I use PokéMesh?
We’ve actually got an entire section of videos dedicated to this, where you can see what PokéMesh is capable of and how to use it.

PokéMesh doesn’t work (anymore)?
This is correct, as of recent changes by Niantic all tools, including PokéMesh, PokéMesh AroundMe and the Webmap have been closed as they no longer work. This will remain that way until we and other developers can find a way to retrieve data again. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels (such as our Facebook page, our Twitter feed or our Discord channel) to stay up-to-date about changes and the status.

Can I get my video featured on here too?!
No, you can’t. We make our picks based on community input and effort and will only use it if it has a great added value for the rest of the community.
Thorrium, if that’s you reading.. we said NO! Don’t worry, we love you regardless <3


Can I get banned for using PokéMesh?
No. Yes. Maybe. We cannot guarantee that your account doesn’t get detected or terminated. Hence why we advise our users to use dummy/fake accounts to stay under the radar for as long as possible.

Why am I getting banned for using PokéMesh?
PokéMesh is (as many others) an application that communicates with servers that gives us the data we use to show you Pokémon. which may, or may not be allowed and could be seen as an act of ‘cheating’. Therefore your account may be banned at any time.

I got banned using PokéMesh, now what?
The chance that you got banned by using PokéMesh is (as long as you’ve been using dummy/fake accounts) very low. It is more likely to be banned because of GPS spoofing and/or botting or in any other way breaking the Terms of Service as posed by Niantic. You can make sure that you are banned or not by using your dummy/fake accounts to log in to Pokémon GO and see if it goes through properly.

Do I need a Google account to use PokéMesh?
Yes, you will need a Google (GMail) account to use PokéMesh as this is our primary way to to show you the Pokémon that are nearby (or within your range). After logging in the first time you can however add multiple scanning accounts that are either Google (GMail) or PTC (Pokémon Trainer Club) accounts.


Blue shields/scan steps

pokemesh_scanstepsWhat are these blue (shield) markers that I see on the map?
These are step markers that indicate where PokéMesh has placed a temporary GPS position to cover your preffered scanning range (Settings -> Scan range), enable/disable these in the Settings -> Mark steps.


Rarity filter

What is this “Rarity Filter” that I see, and how can I see all Pokémon now?
The Rarity Filter acts as a minimum rarity for the Pokémon you will see on the map. For example: if you set it to “Very common” you would see Pokémon that are very common all the way to legendary. If you were to set it to “Rare” you would only see all rare Pokémon all the way to legendary.

I want to see all the Pokémon on my map, not just one type!
Set the Rarity Filter to “All” and ensure that the desired Pokémon are enabled in the Pokémesh Pokédex.


App general

I am getting a “Login Failed” message when logging in
A failed login can have multiple causes however we also know of multiple solutions. Please, before reporting this as a bug or asking for support, make sure that you have checked the following things:

  • That your username and password are correct and that the connection has been made
  • That you allow less secure apps in the Google Security Settings of an account.

I don’t see any Pokémon on my map, but I do see Pokéstops and Gyms?
Make sure that your filters are all set at default (Very common, and all the desired Pokémon enabled). There is a possibility that the first scan didn’t go through properly. You could try to replace your marker somewhere else by long-tapping an other location and see if that solves your issue.

An other solution is to make sure that you device time and date are set correctly and are set to automatic (for smartphones). PokéMesh uses this data to it’s advantage to scan and show you the information you need.

Why does PokéMesh show me timers above 15 minutes and why does X show me lower?
PokéMesh uses your device time and timezone and will use that to calculate the difference between the despawn time and your time. When your device time is set wrong (for example to the future) then PokéMesh will just add up the time causing you to see timers above the actual 15 minutes maximum. Correcting your time and timezone of your device will fix this issue.

I do not hear a sound when I get notifications
PokéMesh uses your media volume to play sounds during a notification. Make sure that your media volume is enabled and set to a reasonable level so you’re able to hear the notification sounds!

Does PokéMesh have an Apple iOS app, or will it get one?
At this moment PokéMesh does not have an Apple iOS app. Aswell noting that there are no plans for an iOS app for the time being.

Does PokéMesh work on Android emulators such as Bluestacks, Andy, Genymotion, Nox, etc.?
PokéMesh was never developed for use in emulators, but was meant for smartphones and, if lucky, tablets. If it works in an emulator for you, then you’re lucky and have fun! If it doesn’t work then there’s not much we can do as PokéMesh is meant to be used on smartphones (and/or tablets).


Online map / Browser map

I don’t see any Pokémon on the online map or I see a popup saying it is closed
The webmap is in beta, this means that if it works, it works. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Currently the webmap is closed for use as we are trying to resolve the issues with it. This may take some time given the current status of PokémonGO updates and access to the API.

Your issue not resolved by reading this F.A.Q, or is your question not listed?
Feel free to hit us up on the usual channels such as our Facebook page or our Discord chat and we’ll try to help as best as we can.