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New PokèmonGO Update improves Gym Training

In the Pokemon games and anime, a trainer can battle with as much as 6 Pokemon, depending on the agreed rules of the battle or a gym. In fact, in the game you can really only have 6 with you at a time, sending the others back to “storage”. In Pokemon GO, however, training inside gyms has been limited to one and only one Pokemon at a time. Well, that is until now. Niantic Labs has announced an update that will finally bring gym training on par with gym battles, as well as expected Pokemon consistency, by allowing you to have six at a time during your session.

To be clear, the update affects only Gym Training, that is when you are battling against a gym controlled by your own Team. Gym Battles in Pokemon GO have always involved more than one Pokemon, but now the same is true for Gym Training. Now you can have your favorite six lend a helping hand.

And don’t worry that you might go overboard and overpower your opponent. Gym training will now adjust your opponent’s CP to match your own. After all, it’s no fun training against an opponent you can’t beat. Don’t worry though, the effect are only temporary, as the CPs return to their full glory after training is over.

This update comes just a day after the Capture Bonus update was announced, which gave out medals to increase players’ chances of catching a rare Pokemon of a certain type. Niantic Labs has not yet revealed exactly when both updates will roll out, so hang on to your trainer hat for when it lands.

The Pokemon GO fever seems to have mostly dialed down, and developers are scrambling to ensure it doesn’t die out completely. Of course, the game still makes headlines these days, but not always in the most favorable of lights



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  1. Daniele Lima

    Não sei se é só comigo, mas o meu pokemesh parou de funcionar totalmente, não rastreia. Já desinstalei e instalei, atualizei, exclui e inclui várias contas e nada. Alguém pode me dizer o que houve??? Não uso a conta principal do jogo.

    I do not know if it’s just me, but my pokemesh stopped working completely, not tracks. Already I uninstalled and installed, updated, excludes and includes multiple accounts and nothing. Can anyone tell me what happened ??? Do not use the main game account.

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