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PokéMesh 10.0: Release and informations

PokéMesh 10.0: Release and informations

Hi trainers!
We have missed you so much and we have never stopped thinking about you. After a difficult period for all of the maps and scanners we are finally back in the game with PokéMesh 10.0!

The new version is available for download on our website and the in-app updater.


Some important things you need to know about: There are several new security measures introduced by Niantic to prevent maps and third party clients.

  • The first one being the well known Captcha. Captcha is actually popping up without a predefined rule. It can come anytimes or maybe you won’t get a single one. We did something to prevent this and let the users manually solve it. However your account may be flagged and receive a lot of Captcha’s. (Almost one per scan. We don’t actually know what is causing Captchas).
  • The second thing is a new measure to prevent maps, called speedcap / speedlock. If you jump too far from the previous location, you will end up in seeing only gyms, pokestops and lured pokemon for an undefined time. FastPokeMap devs discovered that logging out and logging in again will fix this. We have added some checks into the app that will automatically re-login your account at the end of the scan in case you don’t have Pokémon on your map. Understand that setting a scan range of 10, with a single account, will take over 20 minutes to finish, and so your account won’t log back in. Restarting pokemesh by closing it with the proper buttons and opening it again will perform the same action and re-login your accounts as well.
  • Another problem you can face is that your map is totally empty. We have no way to figure out what’ss going on with every single device. Some common tests you can do to quickly understand your problem could be: Refresh connection, Try different accounts or reinstall the app.

And as our advice goes:

  • Keep the app updated, always. Every new version we release could include important server-side changes, which might break older versions from working!
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  1. can you still hatch eggs?

  2. I love to use Pokwmesh, because it was high accuracy.

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