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PokéMesh 4.3 – Release and informations

PokéMesh 4.3 – Release and informations

During the last week we face an huge ban weave from niantics that force us to work hard on several patch to prevent this. While working on this we discovered something interesting that could make lot of you really happy. A new sort of temporary ban has been introduced. We have no way to distinguish this ban in-app, but from what we know, the official client, and 3rd party apps, will act just like the account got a permanent ban. These new kind of soft ban will make your account unavailable for a time period that can go from 2 to 5 days, and the unique way you have to really know if your account has been permanent banned is through the email that will be sent in case of permaban. This mean, no email from niantic, no permanent ban. But let’s go on to what we did in this new release of PokéMesh:

  • Added some patches to prevent ban (Note: We are still working hard on this. This doesn’t mean you can safely use your main account within any 3rd party apps. We will keep suggest to use alternative ones)
  • Fixes some major bug that prevent lot of Pokémon to be shown on the scan area
  • Added the account checker on the accounts screen
  • Added lured Pokéstops and lured Pokémon
  • Some other minor fixes

We would like to give you a suggestion that could let your account stay in the zone for a bit more time while we finish the other patches. This is quite simple and will take you 5 minutes to complete. Our suggestion is to login to the official client, with the alternative account, finish up the tutorial, set a nickname and catch the first Pokémon.

For last, but not for last, I would like to say that the whole community of PokéMesh is close to all the italian families that lost parents, childs, and dear people during the last events in Italy. The main developers of this project are from Italy and feel really close what’s going on. We want to let everyone know how our people are fighting with great courage against a huge natural disaster that is causing many casualties including many children.

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Comments ( 27 )

  1. Great Job PokéMesh!! and God Bless Italy~

  2. After the update, the main account need to be linked to the pokemesh. I’ve tried to exclude it, and it’s impossible. Someone with the same issue?

    • The main account need to be linked to pokemesh? Where does pokemesh know what your main account is? I think there is a missunderstanding here. I think you are referring to the master account you are using to Login to pokemesh, I hope for you that this is not your main account of the game…

      • Under account it now lists 2 of my fake and another new account called “master account” I’m hoping this isntl my main google account I use. I’ve stopped using the app just in case

  3. Es súper bueno nunca había vista que una aplicación como esta funcionase tan bien gracias

  4. I can’t log in with any accounts since the 4.3 update. Included 2 new accounts I made in case it was a ban. Multiple reboots have done nothing to fix the problem

    I’m using a Galaxy S5

  5. Hello,
    I cant scan in the overlay anymore – is this a known bug? it has the animation, but nothing happens. If I then get to the app it says maybe the account is banned (but he isnt, cause in the app I can scan)


  6. cdante100

    Congratulations and thanks for the work you do!

  7. Oi estou com um problema no meu motog2 não estou recebendo notificações nem de Pokémon próximos e nem de atualização disponível tenho q ficar visitando o site frequentemente, tiria alguma coisa q possa fazer para voltar as notificações. Ah caixa de notificação está marcada. Obrigado

  8. Não consigo baixar ja liberei para fontes desconhecidas e tudo e não baixa no meu celular(moto g 2) ‘-‘

  9. Thank you for the hard work that you and your team members do.
    I just want to ask – for some odd reason, the app keeps encountering an error, and closes, when i put Pokemesh in the background and activate another program. Is this a known bug??

  10. fodase

    ajuda muito man usahuahua

  11. i still cant detect lured pokemons

    when can you fixed this?

  12. Hola a todos. Alguien ha tenido problemas con el modo “capa”? Este modo permite ver los pokémon (como los ves cuando abres PokéMesh normalmente) pero en un mapa que aparece sobre la pantalla cuando sales de la app. Es similar a las “burbujas” de Messenger. Es como si se ejecutara en segundo plano. Esta función es muy útil ya que te permite ver los pokémon a tu alrededor sin tener que estar entrando y saliendo de las app. El problema es que no me funciona cuando quiero abrir PokémonGO, el mapa de PokéMesh “desaparece” de la pantalla y termino por abrir PokémonGO sin mapa ni acceso directo a él.
    Si alguien ha tenido el mismo problema quiero saber si tiene solución. Quiero agregar que aún no tengo la última versión de Pokémesh, así que si alguien ya la tiene y no ha tenido el problema que planteo, se agradece que por favor avise. Muchas gracias.

  13. Only for android or iOS too

  14. Beleza galera app muito bom , uma sugestao para completar a coisa e’ usar op pokemesh em outro aparelho um mais simples ,ai nao tem como ser pego mesmo .

  15. The 4.3 update slowed down the search by a lot, right now re-rolled to older version, because it searches waaaaay faster (like 50% faster). Otherwise, im from a poor region where i can scan the whole city (600’000 inhabitans) and not see a single Uncommon Pokemon.

  16. How do you do the update???

  17. Atualização não abre no j3 a antiga pegava de boa me dei mal. Arrumem isso por favor.

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