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PokéMesh 4.4 – Release and informations

PokéMesh 4.4 – Release and informations

Hello folks! Another great update of PokéMesh is about to see the lights during the upcoming morning. We are keep working on our patches to prevent flags on your dummies and with this update we are going to make another step forward into it.

Here are some of the major changes that you will face in the new 4.4:

  • Dummies account, at the very first login, will now receive a randomized avatar and nickname, and will also automatically catch the first Pokémon. You can verify this by logging in into the official game with your dummies. We have all the reason to think, that an account without all these things configured, is potentially flaggable.
  • Fixed a major bug that was affecting the scan time. (Some of you reported this bug together with a possible gyms and pokéstops turned on/off. We are speaking about the same bug, but it didn’t really have nothing to do with gyms nor pokéstops).
  • Added ability to disable the timers on top of the Pokémon (For low end memory device this option will be a cherry).
  • As usual, improved all the translations (Special thanks to our big translation team).
  • There are many other little patches and bugfixes here and there that won’t be a good idea to list since that they may generate too much questions, sorry guys.

I also put inside an initial support for Wearable devices. I really wished to have the chance to test it with some wearable owner on our discord channel before the release, however, none of you came to me and so, I think you could expect this on the next release!

Happy hunting trainers!

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Comments ( 25 )

  1. For a future update would it be at all possible for you to implement a function that collects search data of all your users in order to create an in app list of pokemon sightings and nests?

    For example if I was to click on Bulbasaur, I would be provided with a list of areas it has spawned and a list of areas that it has spawned frequently (within the city I reside).

  2. verygood app pokemesh.

  3. The update(4.4) doesn’t work!

  4. Hi! I could just be missing a setting, but for some reason Mesh isn’t running in the background on the Galaxy Note 7. It only works if I have the app open. Anything I should look into?

  5. Depois da ultima atualizao no meu j3 nao abre mais ,porfavor arrumem logo….

  6. Great app but underneath for me the latest update “killed” it. It no longer loads. It simply stays in the loading screen

  7. The app is just loading. How to fix this? I un installed it already and installed using the lates link.

  8. I get “login failed” on all new accounts I make for 4.4. everything else Works great.

  9. a restart fixed the “login failed” message when making new accounts.

  10. How do I can donate to you. could you make auto refresh scanning for while we check or click on other places . Like after 1 minute then will auto do refresh scanning. And this apps couldn’t auto chasing while I am driving

  11. I have Problem my pokemesh Not load and Not pokemon found pls help!!!!

  12. Tengo un problema. Se queda pegado en la pantalla de inicio. Como puedo solucionarlo? Gracias!

  13. Hi guys. Btw great app 🙂 just a quick question since the patch. Under “Accounts ” there is now an account added called “master account” is this my main google log in? I tried removing it but would not remove and really don’t want to like my actual Google account.

  14. It doesn’t work for me. This new version never pass the loading screen (3 balls spinning). When I first loaded (after upgrade), the 3 balls kept spinning, but when I opened PoGo, overlay was there. I tried to reboot, to uninstall, and nothing…

    I went back to 4.3. I have a galaxy s4 with a custom rom (native s6 rom modded for s4).

  15. Thanks for the app.!! It’s great..!


  17. Dont work. Not load

  18. So, ive been using the app and its wonderful and I just got 4.4 update and now i can’t use the app. it says my account is banned, and I like to know if there was a way to re-install the 4.3 update.

  19. RaflesPain

    I can’t connect, 4.4.1 🙁

  20. I do not know if this was ever reported, with pokemesh is very easy to hatch eggs extremely fast. This is a bug that should be resolved. It seems that mesh spoofs pokemon go and thus eggs can be hatched extremely fast. If this is known, has it been resolved?. I like Pokemesh as a radar and that is why i liked to use it, but the side effect feels like cheating. just my 2 cents.

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