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PokéMesh 5.0: Release and informations

PokéMesh 5.0: Release and informations

Hi trainers! we are about to push a new update of our app that now reach the version 5.0. You will think at something really special on it, well.. almost. At first! Many many many many thanks to all the people and the effort received today on our discord. We managed to fix together a big issue and to make some improvements that we are sure will make everyone really happy. The download will be available very soon, I can’t provide an exact ETA actually but i hope the notification of a new update will pop during the night. Here is the changes of the new PokéMesh update:

  • Fixed a major issue that causes some devices to get stucked at login screen
  • Fixed huge alternative icons size with timers disabled
  • Improved google login system by directly adding email and password
  • Account manager will not require an identifier anymore, instead, the Email address will be displayed
  • Fixed an issue that causes account manager to display login failed on all the accounts
  • Overlay is now unkillable. When running overlay, a notification will pop. This notification can be used to quickly run back to PokéMesh
  • Cleanup drawer menu. FAQ, News and How to are now available on our website
  • Many improvements here and there

We will wait until the update for your feedbacks about the login stuck (if you meet this bug) in the hope you will have a nice hunt in the upcoming days!

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Comments ( 14 )

  1. I hope that we just put the tick boxes beside each pokemon so that we won’t no longer click each pokemon to uncheck the notification for it. Thus, we can actually see what we have unchecked.

  2. Would it be possible to add an option to show only the lured pokestops and not the normal ones? I prefer to have my map as clutter-free as possible.
    Also, would you consider making the “scanned area” markers slightly smaller or perhaps slightly transparent?

  3. good job, now is everything work fine.

  4. Hi, and thanks for your amazing work! I would have a suggestion, if you allow me.

    So far, the scans steps are done automatically and in could take up to 5min to complete the big circle. Most of the time you have to wait for the scan to finish to see if there is an interesting pkmn in the zone but I think it would be very useful if just after you click in some position (very first scan in center point) you could get the list of the detected pkmn in the nearby region, just nearby without position. Then you would not need to wait the full 5 min if you are not interested in them, and you could change to other region. This nearby could appear only for center or also, for each of the steps, allowing you to have a glimpse of a more extended region.

    I do not know if this is easy to implement or even feasible, but it could be a useful improvement. Thanks for all! 🙂

  5. Bom dia a mim com está nova actualização da sempre erro abre diz que a aplicação parou e normal?

  6. The download button is not working, of an error when trying to download

  7. The app worked great until this morning, that is when it started crashing. I restarted my phone and app cleared the cashe and history files closed all running apps, uninstalled restarted phone re installed app all to no avail. Please fix the error. I reinstalled to get the pic and double check. I’m using galaxy s7active os 6.0.1 (update on phone was done 2 weeks ago to go to os 6 app worked fine at that time.

  8. Tengo el programa pokemesh pero no le muestra pokemon ni estadio ni gimnasio por que es eso?

  9. installed Pokemesh a couple days ago – was working no problem until this morning now it keeps says “Pokemesh has stopped Working” everything I try to log in! I tried turning my ph off and on, uninstalled then reinstalled using another dummy gmail account but it STILL will not load and work!
    Using a Samsung S6 – pls. help!

    Thanks .

  10. Ever since I downloaded the new up date it keeps saying cant log in.

  11. Pokemesh is not working with asus zenfone 2, please help me 🙁

  12. I skip few updates as my 4.2 (or .3) version is running fine. But ive updated to 5.0 today and the apps just stopped as soon as i open the app. Dissappointed

  13. Since new update it won’t open. It gets to the map and crashes everytime. Running s6 edge plus on android 6.0.1. Please fix love this app but can’t use it.

  14. Depois da ultima atualização se eu to logado no pokemesh e entro em outra pagina ou abro outra janela ex: pokemon quando volto no pokemesh ele nao funciona da falha no login…. e eu tenho que sair e logar de novo … Por favor concertem … vlw

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