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PokéMesh 8.0: Release and informations

PokéMesh 8.0: Release and informations

Hey trainers,  hunger for updates?! So… here is the new PokéMesh 8.0!

The new version is available for download on website and App updater. Here the detailed changelog of the new version:

  • General bug and crash fixes from 7.0
  •  Added rarity privilege to notification (rarest Pokémon to be shown before less rare)
  • Pokédex rework
  • Added street address to notifications
  • Add a new pref to each pokémon to receive a new notification (that fource sound and vibration) when the pokémon is found
  • Manually change the rarity for each pokémon
  • Added advanced scan (Advanced settings) to allows multiple scan area


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Comments ( 15 )

  1. The alternative icons shown on the Pokémesh are in extremely low resolution. I think it could be an issue on the URLs for the icons. Take a look on it.

  2. cdante100

    I have this problem with both 8.0.0, 7.0.0, 6.0.1 and with 6.1.0, I have a lenovo A616.
    The icons of the pokemon are grainy.

  3. This app becomes better and better. Fantastic, like it!

  4. Can’t install. “Error trying to open file”

    I have a ZTE Blade L3 and a friend from my village is as well having the same issue. We’re from Spain.

  5. Where the download link tq

  6. Loved the update to 7.0, but have a problem with 8.0 . My Pokemon that I have hidden have reset. All the pidgeys, rattatas, spearows etc are all showing up again. Anyone else having this happen? It’s not remembering even after I set them again.

  7. there is a problem , you can not close the app , an infinite loop is made on the top bar

  8. Hi,
    Can you improve the book marking step, Please?
    For now we need to search the location then can add into the bookmark. but i found the problem like i cannot found the correct result as i wish.
    So cannot add it.

    By the way, it could be goof if we can select the point in the map and have the option like “Add into the bookmark”

  9. Please don’t stick the notification, this is a bug, not a feature.
    There is a possibility to implement a preference to set if the player wanna be notified after a no results scan? I’d like to be notified only when the results are relevant to me.

    By the way, congratz for the excellent app!

  10. i’d be nice to have an option to close the app (gracefully exit)[2]

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