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Possible future feature(s) – Make your pick!

Hey there Meshers,

We love ourselves some good bit of feedback, maybe as much as you all love Meshing.
For that reason we’ve set-up a poll to let YOU decide what the future holds for PokéMesh.
This poll has been up on Facebook for a day now and the responses are amazing!

In this poll you’ll be able to pick your 2 most favourite features that we’ve had on our ‘grocerylist’ for some time 😉

What feature would you like to see in the next version(s) of PokéMesh?


Lots of love and Happy Meshing!
The PokéMesh Team

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Comments ( 11 )

  1. Please Notif for Android Wear!!! thanks for your work.

  2. Love the app! It would be great if Relax mode could be customized to rarity. I don’t use it in its current state as I really don’t want to be alerted every time there is a Pidgey, Weedle or Rattata nearby.

  3. I have 2 possible features that I would prefer.

    What about Scanning through a route?
    Sometimes you have a long street that should be crawling with pokemon, and you would like to know whats on the entire street without having to run it all. on pokemesh you would have that hexagon thing, but what if you could program it into a line? or maybe 3 paralel lines?

    On the topic of features, why not make so that pokemesh can also see “lure pokemons”?
    Because you know, it only finds pokemon on the “sightings”.
    I’ve lost all sorts of pokemon (mainly dratini) because it doesn’t look the pokemons that appear on lures.

  4. My pikemesh Dow today!! :/

  5. The application no longer works please make a new update . Connection problems with Gmail

  6. Enhance scan speed.
    When multiple account is added, utilize all accounts to scan multiple steps simultaneously.
    e.g. 2 accounts (A, B), with default setting of scan radius 2
    – A will start scan from 12 o’clock position, B will start from 6 o’clock position
    – Each (A, B) will scan on clockwise motion (status quo)
    — At scan radius 1, you can complete in 4 steps (A will end at 4-5 o’clock and B will end at 10-11 o’clock)
    — At scan radius 2, B will start scanning from 12 o’clock (naturally, since it ended at 10-11 o’clock) and A will start from 6 o’clock
    — same applies to larger scan radius

  7. The only thing I’d really love is slightly more accurate placement of pokemon icons. When you zoom in, the icons usually move as much as half a KM down (ie south) from where they were when zoomed out, meaning when you are zoomed out the location could appear very inaccurately.

  8. I have an Request, could you add an simple option to make some kind of “bip” when a new pokemon is located? Because i was thinking in let it scanning in another phone, and when appear something good i wouldn’t need to be looking all the time to the screen… thank you!

  9. I’d LOVE a dark UI option, like Twitter’s night mode. I use the app on my tablet instead of my phone and I’m out more at night, well even with battery saver on and my screen brightness all the way down it’s still fairly bright because the color scheme is so light.

  10. I really want a “stop scan” button, cause I can’t use the “force stop” in settings every time that I need to open the Pokemon Go.

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