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Say welcome to PokéMesh AroundMe

Say welcome to PokéMesh AroundMe

Hi Meshers!

PokèMesh is growing every day more and more thanks to the great community that encourages us. Today we are pleased to introduce a new family member, PokèMesh AroundMe!

PokéMesh AroundMe is a lite version of PokéMesh suitable for all those who want to make simple and fast scans around them without the need for advanced features. Thanks to the absence of the map, the data traffic and battery consumption are significantly reduced, making it a perfect travel companion for short and frequent scans. Ram usage is minimized thanks to the compact and lightweight UI that uses a list view to show the scanned Pokemons. But all this without removing the new feautures of PokéMesh such as IV Checker and Moves set detection.


PokéMesh AroundMe is available for download on the homepage of the website!


Which one to choose? PokéMesh or PokéMesh AroundMe?

PokéMesh is an advanced and complete scanner with several advanced features that allows you to fully manage the settings of your scan (step, scan radius, etc.), use multiple accounts for parallel scans and use a map view to show your scans; perfect for anyone who wants full control of their scans.

PokéMesh AroundMe is rather perfect for all those who do not need advanced features and multiple accounts but instead have the need for a simple tool (max 200mt scan radius) that consumes less resources, maintaining the quality of PokéMesh scans.


Below is the full feature list of PokéMesh AroundMe:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • IV Checker
  • Moves set detection
  • List view
  • Clear UI
  • Fast
  • Quickscan 200mt
  • Low data and battery consumption
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